Genome Analysis made easy

Discover the secrets hidden within DNA sequencing data has never been easier with our ready-to-use bioinformatics pipelines in the Cloud.

Our platform enables secondary and tertiary analysis of DNA sequencing data from anywhere and generates comprehensive reports that are easy to interpret by researchers.

Best bioinformatics tools for your research needs

The advancement of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology has led genomics into a new era. For researchers, interpreting a large amount of generated data can be difficult due to the need for many bioinformatics tools.

No more wasting time searching for the right bioinformatics tools and figuring out how to use them.

Our platform offers pre-built bioinformatics pipelines that use the most popular tools for DNA data research such as BLAST for annotation and SPAdes for genome assembly.

Unleash the Potential of Genomix Cloud

With Genomix Cloud, you can execute your genome analysis in a few clicks. You can view graphs, filter, search DNA data and download it as a CSV file compatible with Excel or Google Sheets.

Also, you don’t have to worry about your computer resources to process your data.

With Genomix Cloud, all you need is an internet connection. Because we take care of everything:

We execute the bioinformatic tools with powerful computing resources in the Cloud, so the DNA data will be safe and turnaround time will be hours, not days.

Automated Bioinformatics Pipeline

We use reliable bioinformatics tools to pre-built bioinformatics pipelines for in-depth genome analysis and for different research needs so you can speed up genome research within a few clicks, —from start to finish without struggling with many bioinformatics tools or technical stuff.

No technical skills are required.


Genome Annotation


Taxonomic Identification


Antibiotic resistance and more!


User-Friendly Reports


Just with an Internet connection!

Genome Data Analysis from Anywhere

Start analyzing your genomic data right away with just an internet connection and our free trial!

Genomix Cloud is a cloud-based platform that means that offers exceptional flexibility and security compared to local server hosting. Also, it has access to high-computing power and data storage for genome analyses that need a large number of computing resources such as genome assembly and annotation.

No software installation is needed.

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