About Us


Genomix Cloud is our solution that’s changing the game in genomics. We’re making it easy for researchers to explore and analyze genomic data in depth with bioinformatics tools.

We’re a team of experienced tech enthusiasts at SCADIP, a software development company passionate about using technology to make a real impact and we’ve built Genomix Cloud.

Our platform has all the tools you need to speed up discoveries and because we’ve built it in the Cloud, it can handle even the toughest challenges, processing massive amounts of data with ease.

But it’s not just about the tech. Genomix Cloud is also a community where brilliant minds come together to collaborate and share knowledge. We believe in working together to make genomics even better.

So, join us on this exciting journey! Genomix Cloud is here to make genome analysis easy and accessible to everyone from anywhere.

Our Story

It hit close to home when one of our closest friends got diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away. That experience made us realize just how crucial it is to understand this disease and do everything we can to fight against it.

By creating Genomix Cloud, we hope to make our small contribution by helping researchers around the world conduct genome analyses and discover new ways of treatment—and save lives. 

Researchers, bioinformatics and developers working together

In collaboration with researchers and bioinformatics specialists

We teamed up with researchers and bioinformatics specialists to deep dive into the world of genome analysis. Through our conversations, we discovered the vital role it plays in disease prevention and treatment.

We also learned about the challenges they face when working with some bioinformatics software.

Performing complex biological research requires a wide range of bioinformatics tools. But, selecting suitable tools can be challenging and time-consuming.

This got us thinking: we have the expertise to address this issue.

Our mission is simple: We aim to streamline the process of conducting genome analysis, enabling scientists to focus on making discoveries rather than dealing with the technical aspects of bioinformatics tools.

Ready to research and made the best discovery of your life?