Ready-to-Use Analyses Library

A bioinformatics pipeline is complex, comprising many bioinformatics tools created by diverse developers.
With Genomix Cloud you can choose between our pre-built bioinformatics pipelines to speed up discoveries!

Microbial whole genome analysis

This analysis allows to identify and compare an unlimited number of genomes from bacteria, archea, viruses or other microorganisms…

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Cancer Mutation

This analysis compares allele frequencies in normal and tumour sample alignments, annotating each mutation by searching…


Analysis for advancing paternity testing by using 2bRAD-Seq in conjunction with probabilistic genotyping-by-sequencing genetic testing …


In this analysis, the metagenomes are analyzed by comparing them with sequences already present in the databases or by a particular activity…

Transcriptome analysis

The RNA-Seq Analysis offers assistance for aligning, assembling, and testing differential expression on RNA-Seq data.