Frequently Asked Questions

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We offer a trial that allows you to explore our platform and its features firsthand. You can experience the functionality and benefits of our services on your own. It is free.
If you still want to see a demo, we’ll be more than happy to provide a demo to showcase the features and capabilities of our platform.
Please reach out to our support team to schedule a demo and explore how our services can meet your specific needs.

Registering to use Genomix Cloud is free and fast. You can use an existing GitHub or Google account or create a Genomix Cloud account. All you need is your email address and your selected password. After registering, you’ll receive an email asking you to verify your email address. Check the Spam folder if you haven’t received the verification email. It will be sent from

Genomix Cloud aims to become  “the Netflix of DNA analyses” where scientists can come to launch genome analysis, get comprehensive insights and make the discovery of their lives.

Genomix Cloud belongs to Scadip Limited, a software company specialising in Cloud technologies.

Our team consists of experienced biologists, bioinformatics experts, and software developers who are passionate about creating innovative solutions. Together, we strive to make a positive impact on people’s lives by enabling a new way to genome research.

Our office is in London, UK.

Yes. You can upload DNA data files from your local computer or any shared folder.

Yes. You will have access to your DNA data as part of the requested genome analysis. The reports and DNA data files generated by the bioinformatics tools will remain accessible to download for a period of 90 days.

No, we do not sell or share any data you give to Genomix Cloud, with anyone. Check out our privacy policy.

We use open-source bioinformatics tools highly cited with reliable results in research papers. Our software developers integrate those tools in the pipeline with the guidance of our bioinformatics specialists.
Each pipeline might use different bioinformatics tools. Behind the scenes, these are some of them: SPAdes for genome assembly, BLAST for alignment, FASTQC for quality control and PILON for finding genome variations.

Secondary are tertiary genomics analyses are the next steps of the Next-generation sequencing (NGS) to gain valuable insights using advanced bioinformatics tools.

Bioinformatics tools typically operate on a technical infrastructure that demands substantial storage, network bandwidth, and computing resources.

Labs often face the need to purchase costly software and manage IT infrastructure, leading to increased expenses and requiring dedicated IT personnel for maintenance.

However, with Genomix Cloud, you can significantly reduce overhead costs. Our platform operates in the cloud, eliminating the need for hardware maintenance, software installation, and version updates.

Our pricing plans are designed to offer a pay-as-you-go model, meaning you only pay for the specific services you utilize, without any additional charges.

All you need is your own laptop and an internet connection to access our services effortlessly.

No. Sorry ;(

Privacy and data security are our top priorities. We have implemented robust measures to ensure the highest level of data security. Here’s an overview:
Data Encryption: All data transmitted to and from Genomix Cloud is encrypted using industry-standard encryption protocols, safeguarding your sensitive information.
Secure Infrastructure: We utilize secure and reliable infrastructure (AWS), including advanced firewalls, to protect against unauthorized access.
Access Control: We implement access controls, ensuring only authorized personnel can access their data and analysis results. The sample data is only stored in our platform for a limited time.

It depends on how big are the DNA data files provided. Usually takes a few hours.

Only for a limited time. You can view the genome analysis results and download them up to 90 days.

While Genomix Cloud utilizes free bioinformatics tools, it’s important to note that there are other factors involved in providing the service. These can include costs associated with the integration of the bioinformatics tools into a pipeline, cloud infrastructure, data storage, maintenance, security, technical support, and continuous improvements to the platform. Pricing helps cover these expenses and ensures the sustainability and quality of the service provided.

Yes. Contact us. We will be able to provide you with detailed information based on your specific requirements.

Of course! Share this with your manager, just copy and paste.

To: [Insert the first name]
Subject Line: Here’s why we should use Genomix Cloud in our lab

Hi [first name],

I would like to request approval to buy a pricing plan for using Genomix Cloud.
It provides an excellent opportunity to make genome data analysis more accessible throughout our institution. Think of it as the Netflix of genome analyses, they offer self-service access to pre-built bioinformatics pipelines and tools, along with user-friendly reports.

By utilizing Genomix Cloud, we can streamline repetitive tasks such as data exploration, table filtering, and graph creation, enabling us to focus on more critical and complex analyses.

This would greatly benefit our projects, including [mention specific projects or initiatives here].

Additionally, using Genomix Cloud would help reduce overhead costs as we won’t need to maintain hardware or install any software. Their bioinformatics pipelines are cloud-based and accessible from anywhere, so our team members can access them from their homes with only an internet connection.

Here is the total cost:[insert pricing cost selected]

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.
Best Regards,
[Insert Name/Signature Here]